On appreciate buttons, & how to get notifications

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the posts on the Welcome thread. I honestly didn’t expect this level of response. I’m a bit floored.

I wanted to inform you about a few features.

Appreciate Button

First of all is the appreciate button with a handshake icon that is under every post. In normal Discourse instances this is a heart icon and it’s called “like”. I’ve decided to change both its name and icon to emphasise the usage that I expect. It’s meant as sort of a thanks/appreciation button that signifies that you thank the user for spending the time making the post, without necessarily signaling agreement. I think it’s important to frame it this way so we don’t end up having situations where the button is used as sort of a way to declare who’s “winning”.

Let me know what you think of this.

Getting Notified

You can get personal notifications in several ways.

  • Email—this is enabled by default but can be configured in your profile settings
  • Web browser notifications
  • Telegram through @WynwerodBot
  • The Android and iOS app DiscourseHub

I’m also using a chat integration plugin that allows public thread updates in a chat of your choice, filtered however you like, by tag, category, only thread openings, or all messages—we use this quite effectively in La Locanda dei GDR to follow the forum updates from several different chats. It supports Slack, Telegram, Discord, Guilded, Mattermost, Matrix, Zulip, Rocketchat, Gitter, Flowdock, Groupme, MS Teams, Webex Teams and Google Chat.

If you want to receive forum updates in your group chat, get in contact with me and we can set it up.

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I saw the change happen to make the button “appreciate” and the icon a handshake, and I wanted to comment on how much I liked that.

I also like the change of the green topic’s name to “your instruments”, both for the metaphor and the sound of it.

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I always used the “heart” as an appreciation marker, so I like making that even more clear.

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Another :handshake: from me about the appreciation icon! For me it changes the texture of reacting to posts in a great way!

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The tutorial bot (very cute by the way!) mentions :heart:-ing posts you like, but the site itself uses a :handshake: “appreciate” button (on firefox on arch linux, anyhow). This momentarily confused me!

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Yes—you can find the explanation in this post here.

Briefly, I haven’t customised the tutorial text, so it still mentions the heart icon.

Thanks for signalling, @pigdog. I’ve found the tutorial text that still references :heart: Likes and changed it to :handshake: Appreciates.

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I’ve made a Discord server, which has the only purpose of forwarding forum updates for whomever’s interested in receiving them that way. We run a similar scheme for La Locanda.

Membership in it is completely optional, and I’ll make sure no important discussions take place there that are not moved to the forum. La Locanda in fact sees little activity on the Discord, and I like it that way.

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