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Nope! I did at one point but I don’t now and it seems Jackson took it off the internet, which is a very him thing to do. :slight_smile:

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Moro kaikille,

Tommi, living in Horten, Norway, originally from southern/central Finland. I started roleplaying around 2000 with Miekka ja magia (first game mastering experience of two session showed me that planning things for players to do does not work), various homebrew games, and everything I found from the fine libraries of Ylöjärvi and later Tampere/Tammerfors. It did not really work, aside from one campaign with a homebrew system where dragons where coming back to the world.

Trajectory thereafter: Burning wheel and some other classic games from the Forge (still struggling to make these work), plenty of mediocre play with various games like Praedor, Cyberpunk, D&D 3 and relatives, fairly successful play in OSR style, now really successful wargamey OSR play in Coup de Greyhawk campaign. It is amazing to actually play in a group where everyone knows what they are doing and then does their best to do just that.

I also read some rpg theory (very widely understood) and write weekly summaries about it on my blog: teoriakatsaus – ropeblogi . The language varies from week to week.

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Hi, Tommi! Nice to see you here!

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Nice to see you here, Tommi. I’ve been talking about our Sorcerer game here, if you’d like to contribute.

A very important task, bringing games across language boundaries. I’m glad you do that and enjoy it too.
Thank you for your service!

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