The Gauntlet Archive

Seems like the Gauntlet’s gone. I managed to snap one last version yesterday—I’ll post it here so the search engine crawler bots can do their thing.

If you have a link to the old address of the Gauntlet, you can just replace the domain name with Unfortunately Jason Cordova didn’t set up the redirect as I had recommended.

Is there any particular discussion here that you felt like was worth saving? If so, post a link in this thread.

Note: please no eulogies or speculation as to why it closed.

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Amazing work, Claudio! Truly appreciated. Saving the internet one step at a time!

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For the record, I was never truly a fan of The Gauntlet. If you’re wondering how, just compare the guidelines to this forum to the Gauntlet’s, and it will explain itself. I never felt it was my place, culturally.

However, I’ve had some fruitful conversations there, and I met @Paul_T, so I’m grateful in a way. And it would be a waste for things to be lost to the internet memory hole.

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Some people enjoyed my analysis of d10 dice pools for PbtA play:

I will eventually post my compendium of dicing techniques for PbtA-style resolution in any case; it would be good for it to have a home on the internet (in English, that is; it exists already in Italian!).

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