Reavers, A West Marches Campaign of Wolves Upon the Coast

I have been running Wolves Upon the Coast as a co-GM and later soul GM of a campaign for the last 6 month (It was originally run by my now player Canyon/Pigdog) and has had some 50 players play in it with some joining and dropping out over time as west marches and other open table games are prone to doing.

I will be using this Topic Thread as a place to put my weekly play reports for an ongoing campaign if you are interested in playing we play on Sundays on Discord and use Excalidraw for mapping. Old School Table-Time

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Hi Adam, I take the chance to ask a clarification.

Is Wolves Upon the Coast a OD&D 1974 setting or its own rulest with an attached hexcrawl? It has never been clear to me…

Looking forward for your actual play. My invitation is attaching also your report about what happened at the table in terms of game management (es. your rulings, how other players reacted or maneuvered their characters) and not only a raw list of facts emerged from the fiction.

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It’s a ruleset and hexcrawl combined. The rules are based on 1974 OD&D but no longer resembles it any more than any other particular flavor of D&D.

I think Adam prefers in-fiction play reports but I’m happy to chime in with my own thoughts, which are usually table-focused.

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Yeah, the focus I’m trying to give this place is more towards play reports of what people did at the table, rather than in-fiction edited summaries. Your contribution towards that would be appreciated.