Kagematsu: My Online Play Aid (Google Sheet)

I know that some people here - unlike other places online, ahem - might be fans of, or familiar with, Danielle Lewon’s game Kagematsu.


I got curious about it during the pandemic, and ended up making a spreadsheet. Might as well share it with the world!

This includes directions/instructions, walking you through play, a character keeper (to enter your information), and a rules summary.

The character sheets automate some aspects of the rules (e.g. unlocking Desperations happens automatically when you click on the right boxes - the text will appear on the right), so it makes it easy to run everything from the sheet except for the actual dice rolling (which has to be partially secret anyway, so you probably wouldn’t do it in a spreadsheet in any case).

The only potentially confusing thing is that I refer to Kagematsu as “The Warrior”, but I don’t think that will throw anyone too badly. (This is in part because we played the game once reskinned as Baltic Europe with the Witcher in the role of Kagematsu.)

Enjoy and feel free to use! (I also welcome any feedback, questions, or discussion of the game - it’s an unusual and very interesting design, and I’d love to hear about people’s experiences with it.)

To use the spreadsheet, simply open it up, then go to “File” and select “Make a Copy”. That will create a copy that’s yours which you can use to play.


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Kagematsu is such an interesting game and one that I have yet to play myself, although I’ve observed sessions of it.

From my secondhand accounts, it can lead into very emotional, very emergent directions, that spur strong post-play reflections from the people involved.

It would be good to have someone relay their experience of this game, or possibly we could even organize a session here.

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I have lots of thoughts about Kagematsu, and would love to chat with other people who have experience with the game.

My spreadsheet above is helpful and is nicely automated (for affections and desperations - see below), but I’ve had some difficulties playing the game. Not like “game doesn’t work” difficulties, but more like “how do we get more out of this?” difficulties.

If you’re knowledgeable about it (dear reader; i.e. anyone), maybe say hello, or we can start an Actual Play thread?