Instructional GM and Player Technique Comics + Pacing Dial (by David Berg)

@DavidBerg put together some really clever and informative material years ago which I’d like to preserve as linkable here on the forum. (It’s not easy to Google-find, in my experience.)

A series of comics which covers communication techniques and key phrases for investigative play, troubleshooting miscommunications, and more. Generally focused on a very closely aligned style to play which treats the fictional material and space as coherent, real, and tangible. The game they are put together for treats play as a serious thing you can get “immersed” in, with real consistent commitment from all participants, but these could be useful in many other kinds of roleplaying conversations.

Here’s a quick excerpt for a thumbnail:


The same site has Dave’s “Pacing Dial”, which is a play aid for player control of the pace of play. Useful if you’ve ever struggled with the action in your game moving too fast, too slow, people feeling lost, or people feeling bored and checking out of the game.

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Thanks for posting these! I had not seen them before, and they’re great, @DavidBerg!

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Thanks for sharing! Every few years I google this game and am sad to find it never got released.

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Very true! @DavidBerg should probably put something out for all us fans sooner or later… it’s been too many years!