Habemus the Wynwerod Logo

Courtesy of the extremely talented Benedetta Falcone.

Let’s give her all our compliments!

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Thank you Benedetta! This looks fantastic, and so well-suited to the site theme! The W evokes both musicality (harp/lyre) and connection-building (suspension bridge) for me. Bravo!

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I agree! Nicely done; evocative and distinctive. The ‘players and instruments’ theme works well crossed with the literary/historical vibe of the logo - those elements together describe roleplaying for me in a nice way.

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I like the design a lot, my only gripe would be that it’s super easy to read as Wyn(w)werod. The simplistic design is otherwise really great! Props for that.

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@Paul_T and @DavidBerg said it! So much packed into a minimal design. Lovely.

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