Feature request: Save multiple drafts

I was writing a topic when I had a technical problem. So I moved to the site feedback to make a topic about the technical problem. But the draft of the second topic overwrote my draft of the first topic. I would like to be able to save drafts of both topics and comments. I’m picturing a “my drafts” button under/inside of “my posts”. Thanks!

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Discourse (the software this forum uses) allows for 1 draft per thread comment, plus 1 draft for a new thread.

You’re not the first person to ask for multiple new thread drafts. I can bring it up with the Discourse developers again, but that’s not something I can change on my own unfortunately. You can see here in the Discourse Meta forum that the opinion of the developers is that the engineering effort for this feature is not worth it.

The usual solution is to send a direct message to yourself and use that as a draft. Or, to temporarily copy the text from your first post in a text file on your computer.

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