Closure of Wynwerod

Hello everyone,

Since launching it in October, I have not been enjoying managing this space, to the point that I have not been contributing at all.

Therefore, the forum will become read-only at the end of February.

Thanks to everyone that has been interested in what I was trying to do, even if you didn’t understand it. I might try it again some other time, when I have more energy and a better plan, but this is not the time.

If you want to stay in touch, or be notified if I decide to reboot Wynwerod, let me know by sending an email to

You can follow my Italian shenanigans here: Telegram: Contact @ranocchiella

Kind regards to everyone and happy playing.

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Best wishes in what comes next!

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Thank you for embarking on Wynwerod’s worthwhile mission & my best wishes for the future, Claudio!

May you find joy and happiness in your gaming – and in inspiring others and spreading the word, albeit on a smaller and more personal scale. But who knows what projects the future might hold?

(I’ve been gaming for over thirty years and yet I am confident my journey has just begun! My insights, joy and personal connections increase faster each year!)

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I’m sad for this news, but I can understand :gift_heart:. Thank you for trying, this space was a wonderful opportunity!

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Thank you for creating this space, Claudio! You have forever changed the way I write and view session reports. Previously I had looked at them like little stories, and now I only want to read about the actual human beings making choices. I’m sure we’ll stay in touch.

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Thanks for the forum and good luck in your future endeavours.

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Thank you for pushing through this project :+1:
It’s not easy to maintain an independent space of curated discussion for TTRPGs. It can consume a lot of time, not to mention the challenges in having clear communication or funding the platform.

I appreciate the discussions we’ve had here and I hope we’ll all have many other opportunities to come back to these topics and others. Personally, you can find me on mastodon at dreamup ( - Tabletop Social

Thanks again.

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