Apocalypse: Emergence - a mutation of Apocalypse World

It’s been quite a long time now since I wrote this, but since we’ve been talking about situation creation and a variety of ways to approach games, I think it’s time to give it a permanent home here.

I call this Apocalypse: Emergence: a mutation or hack of Apocalypse World where you get to experience the “new world” afresh and anew, as clean, virgin dwellers emerging from a Vault.

It was originally inspired by the Quarantine, a very cool playbook Vincent wrote for the game. However, I found myself wishing that I could play the Quarantine as a “fish out of water”, brand new to the post-apocalypse, not a hardened soldier with a mission.

Emergence gives you a campaign framework to discover and build your own post-apocalypse, not from the perspective of the people who inhabit it, but those who survived it in a Vault and are just now emerging into it.

You will find below a document that describes how to create characters and play, and a useful one-page handout a fan made for it.

There are also some optional rules included in the text, including a Reaction Roll table specifically made for the scenario, and various MC/GM tips and techniques.

If anyone gets this to the table, I’d love to hear how it goes - please do comment and share.

Apocalypse_Emergence.pdf (544.7 KB)
the_vault.pdf (89.2 KB)

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